CineForm NEO HD

CineForm NEO HD 4.3

NeoHD delivers unmatched workflow efficiency through its real-time performance
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Optimized for independent film, videography, and broadcast HD projects, NeoHD delivers unmatched workflow efficiency through its real-time performance plus the industry’s highest visual fidelity compression. Whether your project is intended for film, television, Blu-RAY, DVD, or Internet distribution, Neo HD will deliver a higher-quality result with unmatched workflow efficiency and cross-platform compatibility.
With versions for both Windows and Mac, CineForm’s NeoHD delivers a real-time HD digital intermediate workflow that is compatible with most NLEs — including from Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Sony — enabling cross-platform compatibility for editing and effects applications that has never before existed. A CineForm workflow begins by first converting your HD camera file-based sources into CineForm media which becomes the new master format for the remainder of your workflow. CineForm Intermediate compression is acclaimed for its high visual fidelity which is used routinely as the mastering format for 2D and 3D film, televison, and archive workflows. NeoHD also includes the First Light application to allow non-destructive primary color correction plus text and graphics overlays without flattening those adjustments into the underlying video layer. This is accomplished through First Light's Active Metadata™ architecture that ensures compatibility with all QuickTime and AVI applications. NeoHD also includes HD Link (Win) and ReMaster (Mac) which convert virtually all HD camera or file sources into CineForm HD files.
Main features:
- support for Adobe CS5 Windows (CS5 Mac support coming soon)
- compatibility with Avid Media Composer v5 on Win and Mac
- (even) more editing performance to your CineForm files
- 3D editing features in First Light
- 2D/3D titles and graphics overlays in First Light
- Pan and scan feature in First Light
- Keyframeability of color corrections, overlays, and framing in First Light
- Tools (histogram, waveform, scopes) and metadata (timecode, etc) overlays in First Light

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